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LockedOn: Transition to Newgrounds

2014-09-13 13:10:11 by LockedOnAnimations

After receiving advice about putting some of my stuff on Newgrounds, I finally relented and here I am. This post is more for people who don't know me from other sites.

I'm LockedOn, I make games, comics and animations. Because I make games and updates using the engine Scratch, (which currently won't allow for Flash exporting), I unfortunately can't post them here. They are a click away though, if you are interested. My comics are hosted on the website Smackjeeves and are linked to here.

Now for the stuff you WILL see on this account. The Evolving World is a project I've been working on for about three years. It's an animated webseries that recently made the transition to Flash. Originally I said it would have ten episodes, but that number has been shortened to four because I realized that that was too ambitious, even for me. It was made in Flash, but compiled in another program and exported to .mov format, which is why the raw files aren't on here, just video files.

I animate, compose, voice, design, etc. the entire series myself. In addition to the animation, I launched a comic on the side to tie people over until the next animated installment. It currently has only one issue available, but the second one's coming soon.

One thing I must add is that my content is all-ages appropriate, (sort of). The comics deal with slightly darker themes than the animated show, but, mostly due to my light-hearted tone, it never gets TOO depressing.

That about wraps it up. I'll be going "off the grid" in October to focus on nothing but my projects, and hopefully get things done faster for once, so expect more content soon.

-- LockedOn.


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2014-09-13 17:25:16

Looking forward to see what you'll cook up. Good luck!


2014-09-13 18:39:39

I don't think you can call it "making games" if you just drag and drop stuff.

LockedOnAnimations responds:

What do you mean? I made the games. Art, sound, music, programming, all 100% me. It's just that they're hosted on another site that won't let me export them to this one.


2014-09-14 04:45:31


LockedOnAnimations responds:



2014-09-14 16:39:56

In not a game designer so this may sound idiotic. But can you export to unity? Newgrounds hosts that.

LockedOnAnimations responds:

Well, if I was using Unity to create the games, I could export it to the Unity Player, but it's all made with Scratch, which has no exporting options. :(


2014-09-14 19:38:24

Well, not bad. I wish you luck.

LockedOnAnimations responds:

Thanks. :)


2014-09-14 21:17:24

Alright, I'm game. Looking forward to seeing what you'll bring to the table in the future.

LockedOnAnimations responds:

Thanks for coming on board! :)